Tracker Card

Black €49

Can’t find your wallet? Not sure where you left that bag?

The Ekster® credit card-sized tracker card is the difference between stress and streamlining your essentials. 
Just use your phone to ring your stuff, or see where you last had it on a map.

    Upgrade your bag with the Smart Teq Tracker Card and never loose your bag out of sight anymore.

    • Wallet & phone ringing feature
    • Worldwide Lost & Found Network 
    • 3 hours of solar charge lasts 2 full months 
    • Voice-activated using Siri, Alexa or Google
    Your order is generally dispatched within 2 business days of you placing it. Delivery times will vary, based on the service you selected and your chosen destination. 


    Typical delivery times

    European Union

    4 - 8 Business Days

    United States

    7 - 10 Business Days

    Rest of World

    8 - 10 Business Days

    Travelteq offers customers a 2-year limited warranty covering manufacturing defects that prevent you from being able to use your bag.

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    Brown Navy Briefcase


    Upgrade your Briefcase and Messenger with Smart Teq solutions that help you move through life even smarter.

    We've all been there. That moment when you're on your way to the next part of your day and suddenly you realise your bag's not with you. That's why we've added a Tracker Card option to our bags. Whether you carry around important documents that can't get lost or you don't want to risk loosing your bag after Friday Afternoon drinks... This Tracker Card has got you covered. Upgrade your Briefcase and Messenger with the tracker card and it will notify you when you're on the move without it.