Wireless Powerbank

Black €49

The Wireless Power Bank is the answer to all your charging woes. This slim portable charger allows you to two gadgets together, from zero to full in no time at all.

  • Up to three full charges for your devices
  • Outputs: USB-A, USB-C, Wireless Qi
  • Inputs: USB-C, Micro
  • Power button and LED indicator lights

Created by our friends at Ekster, this handy wireless power bank ensures you are never caught at 1%.

It fits discreetly inside a dedicated internal pocket of your Travelteq Briefcase or Messenger, whilst your phone charges seamlessly* from the adjacent external pocket. This ensures, you don't have to open your briefcase to access your charging phone. Ofcourse you can also go old school and charge your phone with a USB cable.

Your order is generally dispatched within 2 business days of you placing it. Delivery times will vary, based on the service you selected and your chosen destination. 


Typical delivery times

European Union

4 - 8 Business Days

United States

7 - 10 Business Days

Rest of World

8 - 10 Business Days

Travelteq offers customers a 2-year limited warranty covering manufacturing defects that prevent you from being able to use your bag.

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Brown Navy Briefcase


Upgrade your Briefcase and Messenger with Smart Teq solutions that help you move through life even smarter.

When re-designing the classic Travelteq bags, we though a lot about integrated smart solutions. The new powerbank pocket is secretly hidden away in your bag, allowing for minimal clutter when the powerbank is in use. Your phone will be seamlessly connected to the wireless powerbank simply when placed in the external Travelteq pocket!