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The Work - Life Balance

The Work - Life Balance

Isn't it an odd description: the Work - Life Balance? Shouldn't work be considered an integral element to your life, not some separate entity that removes us from our lives?

It seems that for many, if not most of us, a Work - Life balance is solidly important, and yet equally difficult to manage.

The trusty website LifeHacks (we do appreciate their insights), again sets us on the right path with Marc Pettit's recent article providing tips to assist us with this Work - Life drama.

We've summarised them here for you, but for a full education, read the article here.

13 Work Life Balance Tips for a Happy and Productive Life:

  1. Take More Rejuvenation Days
  2. Let Go of Fear
  3. Prioritize Your Day
  4. Express Gratitude for What You Have
  5. Learn to Say No
  6. Have More Fun
  7. Start to Journal
  8. Create One Hour a Day to Think and Relax
  9. Do One Thing You Love to Do Every Day
  10. Create More Family Time
  11. Set Clear Goals
  12. Focus on Results, Not Time Spent
  13. Commit to a Bigger Future


Photo by Owen Vachell

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