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1% better - The secret of marginal gains

Travelteq Weekender at Pulitzer Hotel

1% doesn’t seem like much, but it’s the most important number behind the success of the 2000’s British cycling team. As James Clear wrote; up until 2003 British cycling wasn’t much to write home about, until they hired Dave Brailsford as the new performance director. His strategy was something he called “the aggregation of marginal gains.” If you improve everything that goes into riding a bike by just 1%, those 1%s will add up to produce a significantly larger change. The result? Five years later Team UK won no less than 60% of all Olympic gold medals. 

How did they do this? By trying to improve everything by only 1%. Using a direct approach: redesigning the saddles, developing new, lighter fabrics. But also using indirect methods: improved massage gels for faster muscle recovery and custom mattresses for each rider to improve their sleep quality.

So what does this have to do with you? Or with Travelteq? Well, as we often mention, we try to help you navigate today’s world elegantly and effortlessly. Or to re-phrase that, we try to improve your daily travels, maybe it’s only by 1%, but that’s what we’re aiming for. Are there things in your life that you could improve by 1%? Life goals can often feel far-reaching and overwhelming from time to time. If you commit to just improving 1% per day towards any goal, you’d be surprised at how fast you get there. 

Want to loose 20 kilos? Try decreasing your weight by 1% a day. Increase you running distance? Just add 1% to your route every day. Want to become better at your work? Increase your knowledge, your workday schedule, your efficiency by 1% each day. This 1% strategy also relates to the Japanese technique of Kaizen, continuous small daily improvements lead to huge results over time.

You’ll be surprised how fast you’ll gain improvement and how your daily life will change. Our Weekender, which we’ve made for every day, aims to make your daily life that 1% better every day. If you compound that with your other 1% marginal gains, you’ll be flying through every day.


Source article: James Clear - Marginal Gains

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