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Find Your Calm (in Uncertain Times)

Find Your Calm (in Uncertain Times)

During times of turbulence, uncertainty and confusion, we are often told "DO NOT PANIC". Although the mention in itself generally has the precise opposite effect.

From one day to the next, people suddenly feel the urgent need to create an apocalypse cupboard, filled with tomato sauce, toilet roll, pasta and, unexpectedly, couscous. (Yet somehow there is still plenty of Nutella on supermarket shelves). It would appear that a major side effect of pandemics - along with panic-buying - is a sudden surge in healthy eating.

Just take a look outside your window: chances are you're seeing a hell of a lot more joggers than 4 months ago. The country-wide closures of gyms has led to a multitude of online live-streamed gym sessions, with the side effect of being able to snoop into everyone's homes (we know you're doing it).

The fact that live-streaming is even possible, through technology, is fantastic. But we shouldn't forget to dedicate equal time and attention to our mental wellbeing, in the name of avoiding that unwelcome 'PANIC'.

In order to help you remain calm, focused and motivated in this time of social distancing and WFH*, we've collated 3 apps that do just the job.

Headspace - Meditation and Mindfulness

Although it has been around for some years now and is widely recognised, it should not be overlooked. Taking quality time out to re-centre and calm the mind will never go out of fashion.

Tide - Focus, Mindfulness and Sound

Aside from being particularly aesthetically pleasing, Tide is full of pleasurable sounds to match the images (although the Ocean sound appears to include a distant crying baby at random intervals). Use the Focus Timer to increase efficiency and avoid (digital) distraction. For those of you who particularly enjoy Northern European climates, there are both the sound options of 'Rain' and 'Storm' to keep you comfort. The app also endorses Nap Time, and who wouldn't want that?

Splits Training - Alternative Stretching

Yes, it's an acquired taste. But if you don't try it you'll never know what benefits it might hold.

This free and easy alternative to conventional exercise takes up only 20 minutes of your day, gently guiding you towards a more bendy body. For those who think they'll be showing off new party tricks to the fam next week, think again, it does take time and perseverance. But with literally no down side, it's worth a try.


*Working From Home

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