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Organising the perfect home office

Organising the perfect home office

A comfortable home office can impact our job satisfaction. If you’ve found it difficult to concentrate on work, it may be the clutter in your workspace that is affecting your productivity by distracting you from your tasks. Mess can obstruct your creativity by detracting your attention. All the notebooks, papers and pens on the desk could be blocking you from having free mental space.

Desk organisation has always been difficult for those who work from home, yet its benefits are obvious. The need to have a clutter-free, minimalist home office environment helps to improve focus and productivity. 

In order to help you work smarter in  your own house, we've compiled a few tips to manage the space on your desk efficiently

1. Move your desk to take advantage of any natural light

Face the window directly, or turn your desk so that you sit parallel to the window pane. This will brighten up your workspace and make the office area feel more productive if you work during the day. According to experts, natural light in the workplace has a number of health benefits such as heightened mood, better sleep, increased vitamin D levels, and eye health - and it heightens productivity levels as well!

2. Keep only what you need on your desk

Laptop, keyboard, mouse, and possibly a place to hold writing utensils. Everything else is dependent upon what your work entails. Work in the 21st century is mostly digital, so that stapler and tape dispenser can go. There are no hard rules here, so just do whatever makes sense to you.

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3. Declutter your drawers regularly 

Group your items together based on when you’ll need them and place them in dedicated spaces. Take non-work-related items to another room or storage space. Be brutal about what you really need and keep your items in the drawer. Remember: a clear space equals a free mind!

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