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In It for the Long Haul: 10 Tips to Make Flying More Comfortable

In It for the Long Haul: 10 Tips to Make Flying More Comfortable

Going places requires travel. And travel itself isnt always comfortable. But the seasoned traveler knows how to turn necessity into virtue. With these ten tricks of the traveling trade, youll make your next flight ever so much more enjoyable.

1 - Dress the part

Kick off your shoes the moment you sit down. Bring comfortable socks, a warm oversized sweater and a soft scarf. In other words, make yourself at home.

2 - Pick the right seat

Overdid it the night before your flight? Then go for a window seat and rest your head against the wall. If youre one to frequently go to the bathroom, pick an aisle seat to avoid the wrath of your fellow passengers every time nature calls. And avoid the back rows, as youll exit the plane last.

3 - Drown out the world

Unless youre flying business, plane cabins typically arent very inspiring. So break out your earplugs or - even better – your crying-baby-canceling headphones, put on an eye mask and pretend you have the plane all to yourself.

4 - Get up

Even when you managed to score the best seat in the house, make sure you get up regularly. This will not only benefit your comfort, but your health as well.

5 - Keep it fresh

Theres no better feeling than the one you get after brushing your teeth, changing your clothes and putting on some deodorant after or during a long flight. So make sure to freshen up every now and then. The passengers in the seats next to you will thank you.

6 - Charge your devices

The last thing you want is for your iPad to die during the final moments of your favorite series. Charge your devices before your trip. And dont forget to bring your chargers.

7 - Befriend the crew 

When you're confined to a metal tube for 12 hours, being nice to the people that take care of you is always a good idea. A smile goes a long way, sometimes all the way to an upgrade. 

8 - Stay hydrated

Pass up on alcohol, soda or coffee. These will make you feel even more tired and dehydrated. Water is the way to go during flights.

9 - Pack a snack

Onboard food service never comes at the right time. But if you bring an extra snack, youre the master of your own hunger. When you do, make sure to bring something healthy such as dry fruits, yogurts or light cereal bars.

10 - Look on the bright side

When was the last time you had some time just for yourself? A long flight is perfect for catching up on your reading, movies, podcasts or just your own thoughts. There are so many things you can do on a flight, so use your flight time to your advantage.

On your next journey, just sit back, relax and enjoy your flight. Turns out it can be done after all.

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