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It's 2020, you really shouldn't have to choose between form and function.

It's 2020, you really shouldn't have to choose between form and function.
Let's be honest... we were all expecting to be in flying cars by now. Weren't you? At least some of us here at Team Travelteq thought so. To be honest we still have the hopes that it'll happen soon. But until then, we’re focussing on our bags and taking them into the future!
Okay, maybe into the future is somewhat overrated, but we are definitely making our bags smarter. Why? Because we think that having a just a stylish bag is nice. But sometimes you want more than nice. At least, we do. So we started thinking how to make it more than that and on our path we found some smart solutions that we could incorporate into our Briefcases and Messengers. Making stylish more smart.
We currently have two Smart Teq additions to our Briefcases and Messengers. We've developed them with our good friends at Ekster® wallets. First we have the Wireless powerbank. It’s compatible with all wireless charging phones and also has USB outlets to charge your phone the old fashioned way. But let’s be honest… it’s cooler to charge your phone wireless. So we added a specially designed pocket on the the inside of the Briefcase and Messenger bags to fit the Powerbank. We’ve placed it opposites the outside front pocket and with the special fabric in between those pockets, your phone will charge wireless the moment you place it in the outside pocket.
The other addition is our Tracker Card. This solar charged, creditcard sized, smartphone connected tracking device fits in almost all of our interior pockets. So basically you can just throw it anywhere in your bag and then the magic happens. Your bag has now become traceable. The moment your bag and your phone are separated more than 30 meters, you’ll get a notification! Wether you move away from your bag or your bag moves away from you, you’ll get notified fast enough to make sure you get your bag back.
Okay, we know it’s no flying car yet, but it’s a pretty elegant way of combining our iconic design with new technology. And now you don’t have to chose anymore between a stylish bag or a smart bag. And we promise that this is just the beginning. We’ll keep thinking and developing new ways to help you navigate the modern life elegant and effortless while you're on your way.
Do you want to see more of our Smart Teq? You can check them out here on our website

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