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Life Goals

Life Goals

When you don't quite need a life coach, but you sort of do.

Are you looking to move forward in life but feel stuck or don't know where to begin?

The motivational website LifeHack published an insightful article by coach and author Mandie Holgate informing us all how to get one step closer to achieving our life goals. We all need a little push sometimes.

How to Effectively Set Goals in Life to Get Where You Really Want to Be.

You can read the full article here, but we thought we'd compress it somewhat for you, to highlight the main points instantly.

  1. Look for the things that resonate with you

    You have to work with ideas, tools and techniques that play to the person you are. It is no good fighting who you are, eventually your brain will fight back.


  2. Filter out what you don’t want and be careful of what you allow in

    Let it all come to you and then genuinely ask:

    "Does this fit the human I am?” “Does this play to my strengths?” “Is this the best use of my time to get me where I want to go?”


  3. Keep your goal as simple as it can be

    For your desires to feature above anything else, you need to make it something easy to remember and keep at the front of your brain."


  4. Repeatedly take only a few actions

    The problem we have is our brain is processing so much that a lot of what it does is automatic (habit). To create new powerful actions, we need to break past that automatic way of thinking.


  5. Break the actions down into smaller ones

    clever scientists tell us that dopamine is released when we achieve something (however small) and our brains love a hit of dopamine.


  6. Have a list of what to do NOW

    Your brain may not appreciate the need to get on with the “Now” Goals but your success does.


  7. Get a coach to help you

    Going it alone is going to make it harder. You need to find someone that’s going to help you get where you want to go

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