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Smart must-haves for a stress-free summer

Smart must-haves for a stress-free summer
After a couple of complicated years, we can finally enjoy a social summer. We've put together some must-have pieces for a guaranteed relaxing summer, whether you're on a remote island drinking coconut milk or in a mountain chalet ready to hike.

100% Power

Everybody knows that coming across a plug socket whilst climbing the Alps isn't likely. If you've ever had your Kindle battery run out of power during a 12-hour flight to Australia, or your phone die just as you are about to take a photo of the Northern Lights, you know frustrations of dreaded 1% battery power. To avoid this stress, bring s Laptop Power Bank in your hand luggage: you'll be able to charge 3 devices at once and enjoy a zero-stress holiday.

Track and relax

Losing a wallet is something that's caused most people to lose their patience (and probably their mind), and it only gets worse if it happens when you are on vacation. If you don't want to take this risk after a beach party or during a picnic in the countryside, the Tracker Card has got your wallet covered. Just monitor your wallet location thanks to our credit card-sized tracker connected via Bluetooth to your phone.

Modern Nomad

We genuinely hope you don't have to take your laptop on vacation, but if that happens we recommend you keep it safe and well-covered! We’ve developed the Laptop Sleeve in order to protect your laptop from scratches and bumps, but also from splashes of seawater! If you are writing your novel from your camper or if you need to look for a last-minute flight from Cuba to Miami, this smart solution will make your laptop ready for your on-the-go lifestyle.

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