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Spoil Yourself This Holiday Season

Spoil Yourself This Holiday Season

Taken by the frenzy of holiday shopping and dinner menu, decorations and family reunions, Christams trees and gift, sometimes we forget to take a breath. We have a tendency to not give value to what we achieved and what we deserve.

For this reason, we would like to remind you the importance of self-care.
It has been proven that practicing self-care is an essential ingredient to reduce anxiety and minimize stress. Above all, it improves concentration and productivity, increasing happiness, joy and energy.
Practicing self-care is a way to be grateful for what you have done and to recognize efforts giving yourself meaningful gifts and rewords.
To support your self-love and to inspire you with some self-care treats, we created an exclusive list of three small gestures you can do to be grateful for yourself, at least at Christmas.

A weekend away

Leaving even just for one night can be a cure-all to escape from the daily routine. Relax in a mountain hut, read a good book in front of the fireplace, spend the afternoon in a spa and enjoy a hot dish in a cozy restaurant.
For a night out, the Weekender is the perfect bag to bring your relax essentials with you.

Take care of your body.

Take a walk in the cold winter air. It has been proven that fresh air helps to clear the mind and activate muscles. Walking is great way to clear your head and think about what makes you feel good. Once home, make yourself a hot drink, put on your best-loved record and choose your favorite beauty products. A face scrub, a beard care lotion or a hair mask. Take care of your body and get a special treatment that you usually struggle to give yourself.
To collect your bathroom products, the Toiletry Bag is ideal: capacious, waterproof and with an elegant design.

Take your time... read that book that has been on your bedside table for months, to see the TV series that everyone is talking about, to speak with your loved ones. Take your time to go to that jazz live music bar you have been wanting to go to for ages. Or take your time to finally get your Travelteq Briefcase, which you have been looking at for months but haven't buy yet.

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