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Tired of the usual tunes?

Tired of the usual tunes?

We've got some insightful podcasts to keep you interested

What do you use to keep you company in your down time? Or when you're working out (or pretending to)? Your answer is most likely a great tune playing through a solid pair of headphones. But what about when you are fed up with hearing your 'favourites' playlist for the hundredth time? Or if you just want a different sound to keep you company?

Well, our answer is podcasts. We've spent lockdown trying to find exciting and educational substitutes for music. The genres available cover every and anyone's taste (seriously anything, including 'Drunk Women Solving Crime'). So we've made it easier for you to get started in your podcast career with a few suggestions from us at Travelteq. Sifting through the mass of voices wasn't easy, but a few bright lights stood out as being a trifecta of entertaining, insightful and actually useful.

  1. TED: You are probably already well aware of the global TED talks (quick tip: Sir Ken Robinson is a firm favourite).
  2. Remarkable People: Fewer people have heard of the 'Remarkable People' podcast, hosted by Guy Kawasaki, the original Marketing Guru at Apple. True to it's title, this interview series has hosted some truly incredible individuals, from Jane Goodall to Steve Wozniak.
  3. Grounded with Louis Theroux: For those who prefer a classic (slightly awkward) British approach to interviewing famous people, this podcast will work a charm. As informative as it is dry and hilarious, this podcast features somewhat disturbingly honest conversations with numerous actors (think Helena Bonham Carter), journalists and pop stars.
  4. Broken Record: For music lover check out Broken Record. A podcast that boasts legendary producer Rick Rubin as host. His guests include famous artists, some he's produced for, others he's just interested in. The outcome always has new insights and interesting anecdotes from your favourite artists.
  5. Getting Things Done: For you efficient people. Or those of us who ambitiously want to become one, check out Getting Things Done. A show from productivity guru David Allen. Learn how to organise your to-do lists. Get advice on how to manage your mail or which productivity tools to look into. And the best thing... most of the shows are around 2 minutes short. No surprise really.
  6. Reply All: Are of you in the mood for strange, interesting and sometimes weird stories from the internet and everything around it? Check out Reply All. It's rather famous and rightly so. The hosts Alex and PJ will take you on a rollercoaster of stories, from explaining memes to crazy adventures chasing far-away creditcard scheme call centers. Not to be missed.

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