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What’s in Your Toiletry Bag? 3 Alternative Ways To Use It

What’s in Your Toiletry Bag? 3 Alternative Ways To Use It

Toothbrush and toothpaste, perfume and deodorant, razor and ear plugs.

Mini everything, of course. The toiletry bag essentials.

Yet, these versatile organisers shouldn't be limited to bathroom products. Travelteq Toiletry Bags are meant to be exploited in infinite ways.

toiletry bag travelteq

We've put together a few ideas for you here.

1. Desk organiser

If your desk (drawer) appears to have been through a tornado, use your Toiletry Bag to better organize all the small items.

“I use my toiletry bag as an organizer for all the chargers and cables, as well as the odd pen and small earphones. It truly is an 'essential'. ”




3. Mini first-aid case

Are you one to need the reassurance of a first aid kit on your travels? The Travelteq Toiletry bag is perfect for pills, plasters, cough syrup and thermometers.

“When I travel, I usually carry two toiletry bags in my suitcase. One for the usual toiletries and another for vitamin supplements and any medication I need. I always have a small portable pharmacy with me, in case I get a sudden headache”



3. Baby emergency kit

Turn your Toiletry Bag into an emergency kit to carry with you on excursions with your child.

“I am the recent father of twins. You couldn't imagine how helpful tissues, crackers, colored pencils and soap bubbles can be. Keeping my toiletry bag to hand in the stroller has saved me from many near-tantrums in public”.




Made with premium Vacchetta leather from Tuscany and waterproof LimontaⓇ nylon from Como, Italy. Designed in Amsterdam. 

The Toiletry bags are available in four stand-out colours: Navy, Black, Green and a limited edition Red.

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