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Ready for the 'office'

Ready for the 'office'

It’s been two long years of trying to do whatever work we can from whichever space we can find. For some, the freedom has been energizing while others miss the structure. Either way, this whole debacle has got us thinking about how we define workplaces. We’re starting to realize that work doesn’t need to be stuck in the office or the classroom, it can happen in living rooms, park benches, or even the golf course.

There are two sides to this course...

Now you may think of the golf course as a place for stuffy men to make secret deals, but the pandemic has shown it to be much more versatile than that. It’s a place where young and old, aspiring and affluent, athletic and puttering (pun intended), find common ground. It’s a place for business, pleasure, or both.

Modern Versatility

Like so much in the post-covid landscape, we are quickly evolving. We’ve always been in the business of creating stylish carry solutions, but this year we’re embracing some modern perks. Just like the golf course can be serious or light-hearted, we’re creating new carriers, like The Weekender, that feel as at home in the back of your pickup truck (or golf cart) as they do in the overhead compartment of a first-class flight.

An Upgraded Classic

But as the days of pants-free zoom meetings come to an end and we head back into the office, now may be the best chance to impress office mates with a luxurious leather briefcase that screams old-world class. Don’t worry it doesn’t actually come stuffed with golf balls, but rather works perfectly as a stylish carrier for your laptop. Fitted with a rechargeable power bank, this is nothing like what your grandpa used to carry.

Whether you’re looking for modern versatility or an upgraded classic, Travelteq has a carry solution for your first day back at work, school, or the golf course. Act now and get 10% off your next purchase.

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