Travel is an integral part of all our lives.
From the minute we step out of our front door ready to face the day’s challenges to the second we get back, we are always on the move.

The few items you chose to take with you on your journeys are the most precious, whether it’s a simple daily cycle ride to work or an epic sail across the Atlantic. We want to instill your days with ease and quiet simplicity through our elegant luxury travel goods. Helping you move smart through life.

At Travelteq, we believe in a dynamic and flexible approach to design solutions, using smart tech features to help you along the way. Why stress about a low phone battery before your flight when you can charge it seamlessly simply by placing it into your bag?

Our commitment to excellence means we have consciously sourced the highest quality leathers and materials, whilst teaming up with highly skilled craftspeople. Your Travelteq bag will age beautifully and become distinctly yours, telling the tales of your travels along the way.


leather skinsMATERIALS

Our mission is to create the best possible briefcase, therefore we have been persistent in sourcing the highest quality materials available.

Throughout our 12 years history, we have been committed to developing and perfecting our products. Therefore our briefcases are made of exceptional vegetable-tanned Vacchetta leather directly from Tuscany, Italy. The leather has been treated with a coating, custom-developed for our briefcases, in order to protect the leather and give it a unique texture and subtle shine.

To complement the high quality leather and add a touch of colour, the briefcases feature premium nylon from Limonta, a century-old Italian textile manufacturer.