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In a world where everything is throw-away, we want to make a statement to embrace value and longevity.

The right kind of care

Our focus is on care and repair - never throwaway. A bag should last a lifetime, to be passed down from generation to generation. We encourage all our customers to treat their bags with care, helping lengthen their lifetime, check out our Journal for more details. 

The Travelteq leather is easy to treat and will last a lifetime when handled correctly. We encourage all our customers to treat their bags with care, helping lengthen their lifetime, the same way we do with ourselves and our bodies.

For any damage that inevitably may happen, we are always eager to provide support and suggestions for repairs.

Limited quantities and less waste

Our production and supply chain are carefully monitored to produce only what will sell. This means all our quantities are limited, very little waste is created and no bags are left unsold.

Great value is placed on the process and materials. Our craftspeople require extensive training in order to produce each bag to perfection, with utmost attention to detail.

Conscious leather

All our leather comes from cows reared in France and is processed in Italy using vegetable-tanning methods. This type of tanning generates the most natural type of leather. As well as involving fewer toxic chemicals than chrome-tanning, it also allows leather to develop a classic 'aged-leather' look, with years of use.

Occasionally imperfections may be present on the leather, due to the small scratches the cow may have had when grazing in the fields.
These imperfections should be embraced as unique markings on your bag, that represent that one unique animal. 

Want to know more? See our Recycle Program.


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